Facebook Exporter for iPhoto

Facebook Exporter for iPhotoIf you've ever wondered what the easiest way is to send photos from iPhoto to Facebook, the answer is Facebook Exporter for iPhoto.

Since Facebook is the largest photo website on the web in terms of images served, it makes sense that people would want to streamline the process of uploading photos to it as much as possible. Using Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, the process couldn't be more simple. just choose the pictures that you want to upload, optionally add an album and picture descriptions (and you can even tag people!), then press Export. You'll have to approve the photos on Facebook, but the plugin pops up a dialog with the option to go straight to your new album and do so.

You need to log the Facebook Exporter plugin in to your Facebook account before using it, and I had a little trouble logging in the first time, but once I was logged in everything was smooth sailing. I suspect I was experiencing a PEBCAK error.

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