Foxmarks now synchronizes Firefox bookmarks, passwords

Foxmarks Password Sync
Foxmarks is a plugin for Firefox that makes it easy to keep your bookmarks synchronized across multiple browsers. When you add or delete a bookmark on one machine, the changes will be reflected on another. Pretty useful for keeping your home and work computers up to date, right? But what about all those passwords you have saved on one computer but not the other. Now Foxmarks has a solution for that too.

The most recent version of Foxmarks adds support for secure password synchronization. In order to use this feature you'll need to enter a new PIN which is separate from the password you use to login to Foxmarks. For security purposes, if you forget this PIN, Foxmarks will not be able to help you recover it, so make sure to write it down or pick something you'll remember. But for obvious reasons, make sure it's also not something that's easy to guess (unless you like the idea of synchronizing your online banking password over the internet with only your birthday as a password).

[via jkOnTheRun]

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