Intelligently resize images with Seam Carving GUI

Seam Carving GUI
Ever wish you could resize an image without losing the elements that really make it pop? Seam Carving GUI is a utility that lets you remove the elements that don't matter in an image rather than just cropping the edges. So if you want to say, take a picture of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld and resize it without shrinking Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, Seam Carving GUI can remove parts of the background, bringing the two figures closer toegether and giving you a smaller photo without removing the elements you really care about.

The program can make a semi-educated guess as to which elements are safe to remove. Or you can highlight the areas you want to keep or remove before hitting the reize button.

There was a lot of talk about seam carving last year. The developer who came up with the original concept was hired by Adobe. And we've seen the technique show up i na number of other applications, including web based image editor FotoFlexer. But Seam Carving GUI is a simple tool that does one thing and does it both well and quickly. It's available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

[via Life Rocks 2.0]

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