Microsoft pokes fun at the web, acknowledges what private browsing is for

Microsoft has put together a series of videos to promote the launch of Internet Explorer 8. The strategy? Poking a bit of fun at the things we spend our time doing on the internet, like looking at videos of hamsters dancing, ordering completely useless things on eBay, and replacing language with acronyms.

Toward the end of the video above, several of the comedians tapped by Microsoft for the campaign also imply what everyone knows: the new private browsing mode in Internet Explorer 8 (and Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome) isn't just for privacy advocates. There might be another reason people would like to surf the web without saving any cookies or other items that would indicate which web sites they've been visiting. It's not exactly rocket science, but it's interesting to see it (almost) acknowledged in an officially sanctioned video from Microsoft.

You can check out more videos in the series at the IE8 YouTube page or on Microsoft's web site for the campaign. But you'll need to have Silverlight installed to see the videos on the latter site.

[via Mashable]

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