More head-in-hole fun with Masterpiece Yourself - Time Waster

So it's Friday afternoon and you're looking for a way to avoid that last menial task of the day. Why not dig up some photos of your coworkers and immortalize their faces in famous works of art?

At Masterpiece Yourself you can do exactly that - it's yet another fun head-in-hole site. Select a classic painting like Van Gogh's self portrait or Miachaelangelo's Boy with a Basket of Fruit. There are six others avaible as well, just waiting for you to utilize in your intra-office shenanigans.

The editing controls are basic, but good enough to get the job done. Files can either be uploaded from your machine or directly from a URL. As with similar sites, your image can be scaled, rotated, or flipped.

Your results aren't likely to end up in the Louvre any time soon, but you can email them to your friends of send a link to your Facebook page once they're done.

Thanks, Lara!

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