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PMS BuddyI struggled briefly with whether or not to write a post about PMS Buddy, due to the fact that it could possibly offend some people. But I'm not here to tell you you should support or use it, or that you shouldn't - I'm just saying, "hey, look at this."

PMS Buddy is a website with a cute slogan and a simple goal. The slogan, "saving relationships, one month at a time!" refers to PMS Buddy's only function: to remind you when significant women in your life might be experiencing PMS. Used appropriately, i.e. to remind you to be extra understanding (not condescending) of any abnormal behavior exhibited by the women in your life. They also suggest that the site could be a useful resource for women wishing to help the men in their life understand why they seem to get unreasonably intense for seemingly no reason at all, without having to have an uncomfortable discussion with them every month.

While I can't say that I use it, I can certainly see how some people might want to. Or not. I mean, if it offends you, I think it's terrible too. And if you like the idea, yeah, it's pretty cool. Just tell me what you want to hear, okay?

But the one thing I can't understand is how or why you might want to install a PMSBuddy Facebook App (they have one). "Hey friends and family, I track someone's PMS!" Uh, no thanks.

[via Darren Barefoot]

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