Seesmic releases Facebook client, Twhirl integration coming

Seesmic's Twhirl is one of the most widely-used desktop clients for Twitter, and now it's got a sibling. Loic Le Meur announced on Saturday that the company has released the first version of a similar application for Facebook.

The app requires Adobe Air, and does seem a bit intense on memory use for what it's doing (currently using about 65Mb on my Windows 7 x64 system). Once it's installed, you'll just have to click through the usual Facebook authorizations to get it running.

It's a lot like taking a slice out of the middle of your Facebook home page, minus the handy threading. At this stage of development, most users will likely opt to stick with the web interface.

Remember, this is a preview release. More important than how Seesmic's Facebook app functions right now is Le Meur's statement that they " will soon have a client with both Facebook and Twitter integrated into one." Combined with Twhirl's support for Twitter,, and Friendfeed, that would make for a very intriguing desktop app - especially for users needing to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

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