Shareaholic releases accelator for Internet Explorer 8

Shareaholic has long been a favorite Firefox addon of mine, and today its developers announced that Internet Explorer users can now get in on the social sharing goodness.

Right-click anywhere on a page to call up the accelerator and you've got instant access to popular sharing options like Digg, Delicious, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Yahoo Buzz. The email option is equipped to send via GMail, your default desktop mail app, or Buzzster. Clicking the related link will send you to OneRiot to see who else is talking about the page.

Unlike some other accelerators I've used, Shareaholic loads fairly fast. I'd prefer to have the Firefox-style button always at the ready, but the fraction of a second delay is barely noticeable.

Jay from Shareaholic shared a few words about the development process, saying "It was quite easy to develop for IE8. Took us less than a week to go from nothing developed to keynote ready [and the] Ie8 team was great to work with. In the past developers have tended to stay away from IE because of the complexity involved with creating addons for it. Accelerators in IE8 make it much easier."

That's good news for Microsoft and IE8 users, especially if it means other developers follow in Shareaholic's footsteps and port their addons to accelerators.

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