Web Developers: help rid the world of IE6 with a simple script

Now that IE8 is here, maybe it's high time that a concerted effort was made to get rid of Internet Explorer 6 once and for all. You'd think by now that most users would have at least upgraded to IE7, but just about every Windows XP system that appears on my workbench is still running the clumsy old oaf-of-a-browser.

@staringispolite has created a simple, open source way that you can help drive the IE6 demon out of our Internet. The Google Code project is called, aptly enough, sevenup. It's inspired by both Google's effort and the movement started by a group of Norweigan websites.

It's a 1k javascript that displays a polite CSS reminder to people who visit your site using IE6 that they should seriously consider upgrading their browser to something a bit more modern. It's respectfully done, though, and includes an option for the user to dismiss the reminder and never be bothered again.

Sure, you could do this on your own from scratch, but sevenup is ready to use and easy to integrate. Do your part to save less tech-savvy web surfers from their browser!

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