WeFollow: user-tagged Twitter directory


A lot of Twitter directories have tried and failed to catch on, but WeFollow has two things that they don't. One, it promotes itself automatically, because users need to publicly tweet @wefollow to add themselves. And two, Kevin Rose. The Digg dude and one of the most-followed people on Twitter is behind WeFollow, which gives it an automatic boost in name recognition.

On the other hand, here's why I don't care about WeFollow. It's top-loaded, in a kind of leaderboard format. The front page displays the most popular people in the most popular categories. So, although the category list is deep, all the good stuff is hidden. Sure, you know Shaq's on Twitter, and you know who @ev is, but a front page that shows all the folks you're already most likely to follow doesn't seem the best way to make people's Twitter streams richer. It does seem to be a good way to get Kevin Rose more followers, though. In WeFollow's defense, though, I'll admit that the user-tagged system of adding yourself is cool and convenient.

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