Windows 7 Volume mod for Windows XP

Windows 7 Volume mod
Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a ton of features that differentiate them from Windows XP - an operating system that is, after all, nearly a decade old. But some folks are going to be slow to upgrade because XP still meets their needs, runs software they need it to run, and because you don't need to pay a new fee to keep using the operating system that came with your computer.

But that doesn't mean you can't still have some of the advantages of a new operating system. Microsoft puts millions of dollars and plenty of manpower into optimizing its operating system and making it easier to use. Sometimes it even works. And it usually only takes a short time for hackers and graphic artists to start figuring out ways to make older operating systems such as Windows XP look like newer software like Windows 7.

If you're not looking for a complete transformation pack, there are ways to just change the look and feel of certain Windows components. For example, the volume mixer. fediaFedia has put together a tool for making the Windows XP sound mixer look like the Windows 7 version. Installation is a bit tricky. You need to:
  • Go to your Windows\System32 director, back up your sndvol.exe file to a safe space
  • Press Win+R and type "dllcache" in the box to open a new window
  • Copy the sndvol.exe file you downloaded to the dllcache directory and click OK when it asks if you want to overwrite the existing file
  • Now copy the downloaded sndvol.exe file to your Windows\System32 directory and click OK to overwrite existing files
When you're done you should see shiny new volume mixers. If you don't like them, fire up the Windows task manager and kill the sndvol.exe process and then copy your backup version of sndvol.exe back to the dllcache and system32 directories.

[via Technobuzz]

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